Customer Lifetime Value Calculator |
  If you apply the information from this simple customer lifetime value (CLV) calculator to help you determine the dollar value associated with long-term relationship of any given customer over a period of time, you get a better understanding of how much your business can invest in advertising to aquire new customers.
Need one, two, three or ten new leads per week?
How much money do clients spend with each transaction.
Did you know it costs 10x more to sell to a new customer than it does to an existing client?
What three additional products or services can you offer your existing clients to increase customer lifetime value?
Did you know 30% of your clients buy more products or services at point of sale (ie: Would you like fries with that?)


  What Is The Lifetime Value Of Your Best Buyers? Simply Enter 3 Answers Below and Click The Calculate Button...
1: What is the average dollar sale per client?
2: How often will clients buy from you in one year?
3: How many years will clients buy from you?
Press Calculate: What does one client add up to?
  • Ultimately you are able to identify different life time values
  • Also influence buying behavior of certain customers to change LTV
  • As a result make massive differences in boosting your sales revenues.
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What strategy would make your customer database even more valuable to you? You want more customers, right? It makes you feel good to see more people buying from you. However, getting more new customers is not always the best way to grow your business. There’s a better way to boost sales and make money which is far easier and more effective.
  • You see hardly any businesses paying enough attention to this. In fact, many don’t even consider it. So what is this rarely utilised way to make loads more money in your business? It’s simple. Just ask your existing customers to buy more.
  • Think about it. Getting a new customer can be expensive and time consuming. You have to advertise, make sales calls, give presentations or attend events and meetings.
  • For many businesses acquiring a new customer can take weeks or even months and costs hundreds or thousands of dollars. To get an existing customer to spend more with you is easy. After all they've already bought from you, right?
All you do is implement the following four steps:
  • At the moment they want to buy offer another product or service, ideally at a special discount
  • Show a product which many people which have bought their product also found it useful
  • Upsell to a more expensive or deluxe (better) version of product they want to buy
  • Suggest buying several of your product at once, rather than come back later...just make offers and ten to twenty percent of your customers says yes.
Now, you’ve lifted your annual profits by at least ten percent. Yes! That’s net profits and it costs you zero to boost your sales. This is a simple and quick way to make more money in your business...